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Joshua Keen Server
Organic Chef and Caterer

I grew up in San Diego, but moved to Santa Cruz after High School in 1995 for school and a different pace of life. I have lived all over the world ever since but keep coming back to this beautiful town and am currently living here with my family.

I began my culinary career in my early teens working in Breakfast Cafes and Pizzerias and then progressed into a Polynesian Chart House Restaurant in San Diego. Here I studied all stages of cooking from the prep table to the line in a fast paced high volume gourmet eatery. After putting in my time working as a line cook in enough restaurants I decided to expand my options and start working for myself.

After getting a degree in Fine arts at UCSC, I spent the next 4 years traveling and soaking up a wide palate of tastes from Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and Malaysia. I spent 2 years working and traveling in Australia and Indonesia and there I got a taste of what the truest dining pleasures can bring.

While working as a chef in a small cafe in Gnarabup Western Australia, I was hired by the Surf Travel Company as a chef for the Arimbi; a 65’ motor surf charter yacht in Western Sumatra. We would take surfers to some of the best waves in all of Indonesia whilst enjoying a rare opportunity to be able to cook with some of the freshest fish and Ingredients that you would never find in any western market.

It was there that I truly mastered the art of cooking with what you are surrounded with. Cooking out of a galley that was 6’ x 6’ I was challenged daily to keep my skipper and crew happy by never cooking the same meal twice and keeping my menus unique.

When I returned from Indonesia I started my own catering company providing personal chef services and catering for the greater Monterrey bay communities. I grew my business into farmers markets in Santa Cruz and eventually opened up an organic cafe, beer and wine bar on the east side of Santa Cruz called Conscious Creations.  Here we served an amazing fusion of comfort foods from all over the world sourced locally for a wide audience of people looking for a healthier alternative. It was an awesome place that showcased many local musical talents and artists together in a comfortable atmosphere that everyone felt welcome in.  Unfortunately we had to close in July of 2013 due to economic misfortune. I look forward to putting the skills I have learned from this epic journey to your next party or event and help make your dreams come true!