Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes


Meat loaf  with Goddess Saladbacon, tziziki sauce and bruschetta  tapenade

•Mousaka Frozza

Layered Greek eggplant casserole with filo dough crust and baked quiche filled with 
kasseri, feta and cream cheese
 and seasoned ground beef

•Not Your Mamas’ Meatloaf

Select free-range ground beef sautéed with rice pilaf harvest greens, shredded coconut, and sun dried tomatoes 
all nestled together with pepper jack, sharp cheddar and parmesan

•Tri Tip Enchiladas

Slow roasted tri tip marinated in a sweet and spicy teriyaki chipotle sauce mixed with , 
stewed tomatoes, orange and
 yellow bell peppers, cilantro, ghost peppers, black beans and andouille chiles all wrapped in corn tortillas and smothered with a miso honey chipotle     enchilada sauce.

•Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki seasoned steak in a slow marinade pan seared with pineapples
 and garnished with white and black sesame seeds

•Harvest baked pasta lasagna

Swiss chard, shredded carrots, salsa fresca  and other 
seasonal vegetables mixed with ground beef, feta cheese and italian sausage 
covered in a tangy marinara and mixed melted cheese


Ground beef, Italian bread crumbs and parmesan all mixed together with a Spanish rice medley baked
 to perfection, and served over your favorite pastameatballs

• Sheppards Pie

Baked layered casserole with Mediteranean  ground beef, harvest greens, and fire roasted tomatoes topped with rosemary curried mash potatoes and asiago cheese

•Gulai Kikil

Indonesian beef brisket simmered in a coconut curry sauce accompanied
with basmati rice and seasonal green veggies