Seafood Dishes


Seafood dishes

• Krepeting Cakes

Fresh Northern Californian Dungeness crab with peas, corn cilantro, and sun dried tomatoes 
all breaded and lightly fried topped with spicy chipotle adobe cream sauce

• Lao Lao Blackened Halibut

Classic Hawaiian slow baked dish made with Fresh Monterey Blackened Halibut or sea bass  stuffed inside banana leafes with Hanna sweet potatoes and plantains

• Pesto Encrusted Mahi Mahi

Savorous sun dried tomato pistachio pesto topped over fresh grilled fillet of  Mahi Mahi
 floating in a  garlic adobe cream sauce

• Fresh Seared Tillapia

marinated in a coconut curry pesto cream sauce topped with brown sugar 
cinnamon glazed pecan and cashew nuts

• Coconut Saffron Halibut

Locally caught halibut grilled and covered with a Spicy Saffron Coconut Sauce topped with capers, chopped almonds and basil

• Bruschetta Seared Ahi

Sesame seasoned  seared Ahi covered with  harvest tomatoes, basil, rosemary , garlic and leeks marinated in a olive tahini vinaigrette

• Poke Salad

Raw Ahi soaked in a wasabi shoyu marinade accompanied served on top of a salad of nori, 
carrots, rainbow chard, cucumbers, leeks, olives and sesame seeds

• Petrale Sole

Fresh Fillet of Petrale Sole battered in a dark amber beer  tempura Sauce and then 
fried covered with bread crumbs 
and shredded coconut

• Rosemary baked salmon

Monterrey bay salmon baked in a smokey rosemary citrus marinade served with fresh bloody oranges, lemons, and chopped tamari almonds