• Apricot stuffed Chicken

Tender chicken breasts stuffed with apricots, cashews and feta cheese 
covered in a sweet orange date sauce

• Padang Sate Ayam

Southwest Sumatran Indonesian dish made with chicken sautéed  with fresh ginger,
basil, coriander and chopped nuts all swimming in a delicious pool of coconut curry

•Orange Chicken

Oven roasted chicken  with sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes and fresh
 cilantro in a sweet and spicy orange miso sauce

• Empadao

Brazilian chicken pot pie made out of a rosemary vanilla cinamon crust filled with satay chicken, green beans and mozzarella covered with rosemary honey marinara and feta cheese alfredo

•Chicken Alfredo

Panko breaded seasoned chicken strips with black peppered bacon nestled over a patch of 
fettuccine and covered in a creamy feta cheese alfredo sauce

•Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled or fried chicken breasts in a sweet pineapple island teriyaki sauce 
garnished with white and black sesame seeds

•Chicken & Turkey Adobe Enchiladas

Classic asada shredded chicken and ground turkey, and seasonal veggies sautéed in a 
spicy chipotle enchilada sauce, wrapped in corn tortillas then baked underneath a blanket of sharp cheddar and smoked gouda cheese

•Barbecue Chicken

Select chicken breasts grilled on an open fire and served juicy 
with a smoky, spicy homemade barbecue sauce

•Tamirindo Chicken

Slow simmered chicken with sun dried tomatoes, grape leaves,
kalamata olives and harvest greens covered with a yummy
blackened cajun coconut gravy


Grilled Tamarindo Chicken Wrap