•    Dolmates

Grape leaves stuffed with rice pilaf, sun dried tomatoes kalamata olives and feta cheese rolled in rosemary garlic olive oil

•    Harvest Bruschetta

Seasonal tomato fresg herb salsa with grated carrots, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, basil and fresh grated
 parmesan served on baked sourdough crustinis, rosemary lavash crackers or toasted nori

•    Veggie Samosas

Homemade baked  cardamon pastry filled with spinach, rosemary curried sweet potatoes served with mango sweet chili sauce and coconut curry satay

•    Smoked Turkey Lavash Wraps

Whole wheat lavash bread  filled with layers of bacon, avocado sun dried tomatoe cream cheese and muenster cheese sliced into rolls

•    Calamari Sushi Rolls

Calamari stuffed with mackerel, fire roasted  tomatoes, chipotle peppers and harvest greens simmered in white wine and toasted sesame oil

•    California Rolls

Vegetarian sushi rolled in nori and filled with smoked tofu, avocado, cucumber, and carrots

•    Panko Tofu Rice Balls

Local Jack in the beanstalk tofu braised in a smokey teriyaki sauce mixed with spanish rice, with  peas, corn, shredded coconut and panko bread crumbs baked or raw.

•    Satay Chicken Sticks

Grilled chicken sticks in a spicy coconut peanut gado gado sauce

•    Mediterranean Meatballs

Ground beef or turkey mixed with sun dried tomatoes, chopped grape leaves, olives,  rice pilaf, feta cheese and grated parmesan in a smokey tomato dipping sauce

•  Rosemary Lavash Crackers Dippers

Rosemary curry lavash bread crackers freshly toasted and served with smokey tziziki sauce, kalamata hummus, and harvest toasted almond pesto