Where does your food come from

• Where Does Your Food Come From?


In our kitchen we only use Organic food grown in the local 
farming communities of Watsonville, Salinas and others on the 
central coast. Organic farming cycles natural resources, enhances ecological 
balance and honors the Earth’s natural relationships between soil,
plants, animals, and people. Remember, you always have a choice.

We buy all of our food from farmers markets and
local grocery stores including; New Leaf and Staff of Life. All of
the meats are free range and organic fed, and seafood is from 
the Monterey Bay, or other sustainable resources.

When menu planning I  coordinate my menus and select 
fruits and vegetables that are in season. Although fruits and
vegetables are organically grown in other countries and can be
shipped by plain or trucks, I select those that are in season so
that you can have the freshest food to eat and also feel good
knowing that you’re not wasting any resources.

For more information on the importance of eating organic and 
supporting local farmers markets go to:

route one