Market 4/22/09

G’day folks. Hope everyone has been enjoying our beautiful weather this week. Small kind surf on sunday and monday with more on the way, what are we complaining about? To make it even better I’m bringing the Mexicans and Italians together this week for a cheezy combination of enchiladas and lasagna. I mean no harm to traditionalists when I say this because my enchiladas are not your regular enchiladas you might expect to get from a taqueria, and my lasagna probably wouldn’t impress your auntie from Sicily either, but they are good. So why not stop by this week and have a taste for yourself? I changed the burritos up this week as well adding salsa fresca and potatoes, and for those of you that missed my coconut pumpkin banana bread last week, that’s back as well.
Come check it.

Menu 4/22

Vegetarian Enchiladas
Salsa fresca sauteed with arugula, spinach , black and pinto beans all mixed together with a combination of sharp cheddar and pepper jack. Covered in a sweet chipotle enchilada sauce

Not your Aunties Lasagna.
Mean mix of veggies from route one including; leeks, kale, rainbow chard and shredded carrots, comboed with happy boy farms spinach and arugula. All held together with artichoke flour lasagna noodles, penne, jack and smoked cheddar cheese.

Tortilla Soup
Corn, peas, stewed tomatoes, leeks, cilantro, carrots , corn tortillas and onions swimming in a not-too spicy tomato veggie broth.

Vegan Veggie Burritos
Red and white cabbage mixed with barbecue tofu, potatoes, spinach and salsa fresca with a Central American tangy tamari sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Coconut pumpkin banana bread
Whole wheat flour, coconut, soy milk, bananas, pumpkin, and cinnamon.

Goddess Salad
Happy Boy farms green salad mix with shredded carrots, red cabbage, and sesame seeds.

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