Farmers Market Fresh Fish Tacos

Wondering how every one liked last weeks menu change to Fish tacos? After last weeks 2nd trial run I think you are going to like this weeks menu as we take the helm and steer flavors to new directions. I’ve added a new taco with seared ahi, and still have the tasty beer battered snapper tacos with tropical fruit salsa that we had last week. Everyone told me simple is better, so in the next few weeks I am going to be stretching the limits of simple as best as I can to keep the element of surprise in your taste buds. Hope you enjoy…

Menu for May 20th

Coconut Beer Battered Snapper Fish Tacos
H and H fresh red snapper beer battered with Santa Cruz Organic Amber ale, whole wheat flour and shredded coconut lightly fried with cabbage, tropical fruit salsa, and chipotle cream sauce.

Seared Ahi Fish Tacos

H and H Tomba ahi seared in a fresh selection of herbs from Route 1, olive oil, tamari almonds, and black and white sesame seeds with cabbage, tropical fruit salsa, and wasabi coconut milk sauce.

Vegetarian Burritos
Smoked local Jack in the beanstalk tofu marrinating in a chipotle cream sauce with
seasonal greens from the market, brown rice and salad mix from Happy Boy farms.

Goddess Salad

Green salad mix from Happy Boy Farms mixed with cabbage, sprouts, shredded carrots and a citrus tahini vinaigrette.

Mango Passion Fruit Banana Bread

Whole wheat flour, mango passion fruit granola, cinnamon, and vanilla soy milk.

Cardamon Sesame Seed Crisps

Un bleached flour, cane sugar, cardamon, sesame seeds, eggs, milk, butter and vanilla.

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