Seasons Greetings
Fall is here and Winter is on the way. Thanksgiving brought us plenty of waves and the weathers been cold yet nice and sunny . What other reason do you need to have a menu change? The season for fish tacos has come and go so with the cold mornings and evenings I’m going to be making soup and sandwiches.

Soup Kitchen
Organic Goodness brings you a new format for the Wednesday market and new menu items for the weekend markets as well. Expect to see different soups every other week from fresh veggies harvested from the market and toasted cheese sandwiches as well. Every week there will be a special toasted sandwich with roasted vegetables and different spreads and home made rosemary spice crackers as well.

Chicken Pesto Penne Soup
Rich blend of teriyaki roasted chicken and home fries with home made sun dried tomato almond basil feta pesto and soft penne noodles with fresh winter greens all swimming in a hearty chicken broth.

Vegetarian Chilli
Fire roasted peppers and tomatoes combined with a rich blend of garbanzo black and kidney beans all simmering in a thick chilli tomatoe stock mixed with shredded vegetarian tempeh and lotts of Cilantro.

Miso Soup
Always a favorite, warm up to a nice cup filled with organic red miso, leeks, tofu, potatoes and
winter greens.

Toasted Sandwiches:

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Tasty blend of sharp cheddar and jack in between your choice of whole wheat or sourdough bread grilled with fresh herb butter.

Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches
Slices of breaded eggplant covered with melted cheddar and jack cheese in between your choice of whole wheat or sourdough bread grilled with fresh herb butter.

Rosemary Spice Crackers
Home made crackers toasted with fresh ground rosemary, garlic and italian spices.

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